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The "La Business Card Hospitality" offers a turnkey offering which includes a comprehensive consultation to help you opening your future Hotel, Restaurant concept, Bar. We build a Plan with  timelines and budgets. We also offer  a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and  smoothly. Upon approval of the Plan, our team is dedicated to run all initiatives on your behalf in order to ensure your success.

We will assist you from the status of "project", to the "pre-opening phase", and to the "Opening" with the day to day management.

Mission statement –   

Engage our International Experience and Local Expertise into your vision to make it a success.

Founder profile – 

A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. Olivier has been working in the hospitality industry for the last 3 decades. He "lives the field" and "walk the talk". The ultimate reasons for selecting our Corporate team members ? " Be a Doer and have Fun"

For Olivier, whether one be in the corporate world or self employed, business development has never been limited to the "what" and the "how". 

We have developed a strong culture of the "why", which translates in the training modules for the operating teams on the field with a strong purpose.

Company Values -

COMMUNITY: We embrace and reflect the heritage and traditions of our community. We are committed to playing an active and prominent role in our community.

TEAM: We listen to our employees, treat them with respect and trust and encourage all individual contributions. By working together, cooperatively, we participate in growth and collective success.

MODERNITY: Thinking about the needs of today's and tomorrow's consumers means innovating, being curious and attentive to our environment and its evolution. Concretely, this approach is reflected in modern spaces offering many simple access and efficient services.

CONVIVIALITY: Our creations are contemporary, welcoming, atypical, with places of life that have a strong identity where we have fun to stay, to meet and create the link. In our spaces, conducive to meetings and discoveries, everyone feels good to relax and work.

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Hospitality veterans who served in Hotel major brands, 

  • Talent acquisition roles in various industries,
  • Fusion & Acquisitions, 
  • Rebranding, 
  • Multi units management for full and limited service hotel operation

Operations, Sales Revenue, Development, Finance, MARKETING

Olivier Servat

Olivier Servat - Operations

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

With more than 30 years experience in Upscale Hotel Brands Operations, and dedication to organizational goals, Olivier's financial background and general management acumen led him to create La Business Card Hospitality.

Olivier leads owners' relations and the Operations for La Business Card Hospitality as its CEO.

Victor Valverde

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

Victor M. Valverde has more than 25 years in revenue management, sales and marketing leadership. From Hotels to Corporate roles, for the hospitality industry and well-honed point of view for achieving success.

Victor worked with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and then Marriott Intl. 

He is well versed in the current market to capture the business where opportunities occur.


France Hankart - Head of Development

Victor Valverde - Sales & Revenue Management Guru

France Hankart - Head of Development

France has launched luxury tea houses in London, UK and spent several years in the fashion industry where she developed, created and managed various concept stores.

She then joined a Belgian private equity company aiming to build and renovate tailor-made developments on behalf of hotel groups whilst retaining ownership.

France is leading our development opportunities on the entire United States territory.


Abdul Wihshi - Finance

Abdul is a well-seasoned professional who developed his experience over the past 27 years around the globe. From his native Sudan, he learnt all the positions in Finance with major companies like Hilton, Wyndham, IHG, Starwood and more recently Accor hotels.

From Virginia, US to UAE, Abdul has also benefited from each different culture. His goal is to ensure the best support from the financial department to the operations of the hotel.

And Also...

Interior Design Partner

Interior Design Team

 Contemporary artwork, vintage and custom furnishings, and the natural palette of the location, define the Studio IDC aesthetic. This allows for an effortless union of the ethereal and the modern, the bespoke and the unexpected. Stephanie and her team emphasizes ease, sophistication, and functionality 


Guest & Staff Experience Platform

  A solution we recommend as it meets our new generation of customers’ standards: user friendly, quick, addressing any concerns at any time. It combines front and back of the house questions into one platform which never sleeps.


Mentoring, Coaching, Training

Maggie Lang has coached, trained and mentored hospitality professionals for nearly a decade. Prior to founding her company, Maggie was in charge of Loyalty, Marketing, Guest Experience and Culture at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants for many years, and prior to that she oversaw Brand and Marketing at United Airlines. Her inspirational employee training is lauded and her commitment to the Human Experience (HX) touches both the Employee and Guest Experience, thus elevating both. 

Digital Marketing Partner

Our Digital Marketing Partner

 We integrate your company's message across all channels, including OTAs, Online Listings, SEO, Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

Razzo's expertise was forged in the kilns of fashion, technology, education, transportation, hotels, and tourism. These days we're committed to helping brands in the hospitality, retail, and food & beverage brands tell stories that inspire action, elevate their online presence, and kill it in the market.